Take That Dick

This week features a return to basics with a group of guys. The new and hot fraternity x scene that we bring you today once more brings the group fun back and all of these guys were horny and ready to party too. You will be able to watch them fuck the afternoon away as they had a bit of a party for a new guy that joined the frat house. The freshman needs to be taught the chain of command in the house and rest assured that the seniors were very glad to help him out with that. Take a seat and relax as you are about to see one more of those simply incredible group fuck scenes that you love.

After some beers the time was right to get things going and they even had another guy filming the whole thing for archive purposes if you will. The thing is that it’s the first time for this freshman serving so many cocks. That wasn’t a problem though as this would be a perfect time for him to get experience. Sit back and watch him do multiple blowjobs to make sure that his new friends are all nice and hard and then see him bending over on the sofa all ready to fuck. You can see him moan in pleasure while he gets a thorough ass fucking from all of these guys today. We hope you enjoyed it and more will come soon!

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