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After Class

Hello there people! How’s it hanging? Have you had some time to have a look at the most recent fraternity x sex scene? We aim to bring you the best and the hottest scenes around that we pose in this amazing fraternity house so stay close! In what follows we thought we might show you what happened on Friday evening right after class in the room where these guys were spending the biggest part of their time! It seems like they get pretty horny every once in a while and now it was a great moment to do something about it! How about not wasting any more time and have a look at what happened over there, shall we?

What a better way to enjoy their day if not enjoying each other! And since it wasn’t the first time they have been doing this, these guys knew already what each and every one of them had to do! So as the time has cum, this guy with glasses was going to get sucked, while the guy in the middle was going to get his tiny ass hole sucked and fingered right before this lucky dude was going to have the chance to slide his large tool deep inside it! So soon after that this guy with a glasses was going to get that intense orgasm that he kept thinking about and he was going to cum into this guy’s mouth! All that he had to do right now was to swallow it right away! And this other dude was going to fill his other hole with his own juicy and creamy cum! Enjoy this amazing threesome sex scene and you are invited to see some more on our website! Enjoy!

after class

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Fraternity X – Black Dildo

Another fresh week and time for a new fraternity x scene to be brought to you. We know how much you love seeing these guys fuck and this time we have a special little something to show off. As you also know, this is one of the best places around to visit when you need to sate the thirst for seeing wild guys fuck one another too, exemplified perfectly in today’s scene. It involves three guys and a big black dildo too, so that should give you food for thought as to what actually went down with the whole thing. Anyway, we’re betting you are eager to see the whole thing get started so let’s do so without delay shall we?


This fraternityx scene starts off with this guy all alone in his room enjoying some porn on the TV. Well he was getting horny and the thing is that he has this nice and big and thick black dildo to play around with when the itch kicks in. So naturally he started to fuck his nice ass with it. The thing is that these two other guys snooped in on him and they caught him fucking himself. And from there, it was a quick road to the three of them having some hard gay sex as the guys were happy to help him out. See him fucked in both his ass and mouth this fine day and take your time to check out all the pictures. Bye bye!

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College Sharing

Welcome back to more superb fraternityx scenes guys and gals. There’s another scene with a fresh new guy to see here and you know just how the frat house seniors like to have fun with the new dudes. Well today they had the afternoon all planned out for him and he had to spend all his time with them without fail. The whole thing takes place in the bathroom as the guy walked in on some of these guys showering. So naturally a fitting punishment for his disturbance was for him to take it nice and deep in the ass without question today. Let’s not waste time and see the freshman get fucked once more.

The catch is that this isn’t really a punishment for this guy. You see, even though he’s new, he transferred to this place since he knows just what goes down every now and then and he just loves it. He couldn’t be more happy to have the seniors give him the honor to fuck his nice and tight ass hard style today. Sit back and watch them line up for the fucking as they all get to take a turn to plow the new guy’s fresh ass nice and hard today. At the end of it all, the guy also makes sure that the guys blow their load all over his face for a fantastic finish too. Have fun with it and see you next time everyone! We will be seeing you then with new content!


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First Sex Tape

It’s time to party hard once more with your favorite fraternity x studs everyone. Just like in some past scenes, we bring you some brand new and hot updates with some more frat guys getting horny and fucking hard for your enjoyment and the cameras. This time we have another brand new freshman that needs to learn how to take it from the seniors and there were other guys there all ready with cameras to catch it all. Rest assured that he adored every single second of the ass fucking that he got today and we know that the seniors loved to plow his nice and round ass too. Let’s check out the action shall we?


Like we said, two of the dudes were all ready with cameras to catch on film this freshman’s first ever porn performance. There were two other seniors all eager to help out with the whole thing and they would be offering up their cocks for a nice and hard ass fucking. You get to see the freshman sucking them off as well to make sure that the meat poles are nice and hard. After that he gets to bend over the couch as the other two take turns to fuck him balls deep in the ass today. It’s one scene that you cannot miss and you just have to see it through to the end. We’ll see you soon as per usual with more all new and hot updates!

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Fraternity X – First Timer

Fraternity x salutes you all again as we bring you more all new and fresh scenes with horny and hot studs eager to party hard in front of the cameras. Once more this scene has a couple of guys going wild with one another and in true fashion you get to see them going at it as always. Let’s get to see this fuck party go on and on with the studs having some steamy gay sex for your viewing pleasure. We can only hope that the guys will be putting on more shows just as hot as this one in the future too. Until then let’s take a step back and watch closely as they have fun with this sexy scene today.

The fraternityx frat guys started off by watching some porn on the TV. They had fun with it and such and eventually they decided to have a jacking off contest to see who can lost longer. Of course, all of that got them more and more horny and got them thinking, why just use their hands when there was asses wanting a good fuck all over the place. So with that you can see them getting to suck each other off to lube those cocks nicely and after that’s done, comes a simply superb group fuck scene with all of them fucking all over the place. Like always, we hope you had fun and we’ll be back with more soon!


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Double Penetration University

Another fresh week and time to see another new fraternity x scene like usual. Well, the title of this one couldn’t be more fitting as you are about to experience seeing a freshman get his first taste of double fucking. You know that we bring you some of the best scenes around first and this being the place where you always get to see the scenes first. At the frat house there was a new guy that was willing to learn some more through sexual pleasure and he had two fraternityx seniors with him all prepared to show him how to handle two cocks at the same time. And they were kind of in the mood to fuck too.


The horny guy was all about pleasing his seniors too, so first off in before his ass gets anything, you can see him taking his time to suck and slurp on those two cocks like a lollipop. Once that was done and the two guys were rock hard, one takes to his ass to give it some stretching, while the other one keeps having him suck his hard cock. After he’d gotten used to take it rough in the ass, the other guy takes his turn and his cock is wider than the other one. All in all, it was a great double hole fucking scene today and you get to see it only here. Check it out and see you guys next time with new and fresh scenes!

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Group Blowjob

Today we come back with more new and fresh fraternityx scenes for you to see. As you know, we bring only the best of the best scenes and this one is no different. This one features the exploits of a single guy as he aims to prove that through the whole frat house, he’s the best of the best at giving head. Well to help him prove it once and for all, the other guys are more than happy to let him suck on their hard cocks this afternoon and capture it on film for later use too. Let’s get to see the guys get rowdy again and see this hot hunk in action as he aims to show off his oral prowess for the afternoon.

As the scene starts off, the guys comes barging in the living room and is utterly pissed that no one believes him when he said he gives the best oral. The others were happy to help like we said earlier and so they offer to shoot him in a scene while he sucks off their cocks to show off as proof. And with that, the guy drops to his knees as he whips out all the guys’ cocks to suck on them. See him slurping and deep throating the cocks all afternoon long and to end it nicely, you even get to see him covered in their jizz as well. So have fun with the scene and we’ll be seeing you next week with more new updates.


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Take That Dick

This week features a return to basics with a group of guys. The new and hot fraternity x scene that we bring you today once more brings the group fun back and all of these guys were horny and ready to party too. You will be able to watch them fuck the afternoon away as they had a bit of a party for a new guy that joined the frat house. The freshman needs to be taught the chain of command in the house and rest assured that the seniors were very glad to help him out with that. Take a seat and relax as you are about to see one more of those simply incredible group fuck scenes that you love.

take that dick

After some beers the time was right to get things going and they even had another guy filming the whole thing for archive purposes if you will. The thing is that it’s the first time for this freshman serving so many cocks. That wasn’t a problem though as this would be a perfect time for him to get experience. Sit back and watch him do multiple blowjobs to make sure that his new friends are all nice and hard and then see him bending over on the sofa all ready to fuck. You can see him moan in pleasure while he gets a thorough ass fucking from all of these guys today. We hope you enjoyed it and more will come soon!

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The Hot Mess

Hi there once more everyone and welcome back so more all new and all fresh galleries with hot college guys. So far, we’ve brought you some incredibly hot and sexy group fuck scenes and you loved them all. Well for today we wanted to show off two guys that you just have to see while they have some fun. No worries, their friends were all around with cameras to capture the whole passionate fuck on film and of course, that allows you to enjoy it for today too. It’s just wonderful to see what two guys that really love one another can do if given the opportunity. Let’s just get on with it and let them show off for this afternoon.

As the cameras start to roll, the two guys get busy and first things first, you get to watch them passionately kiss and undress one another. You can even see them stroking each other’s cocks while they kiss and it’s one great view. The guy with the curly hair decides that it’s time for him to be the man slut and with that he gets to work on his horny friend’s hard cock. Sit back and watch him get down to suck that meat pole with a passion this fine scene. Of course, after that, you can also see him bending over and taking a hard style anal fucking as well to the delight of everyone. Be sure to drop by again next week for another new and fresh update and you will be able to see many more hot hunks fucking hard!


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The Tight Hole

Hey there guys, fraternityx comes back this week with all new and fresh galleries for you to see once more. We know how much you enjoy watching some fresh studs getting down and dirty for the cameras and you. Let’s not waste time and get to meet the group that gets too fuck one another today as they are quite the eager hunks. There’s just three of them this time, but that doesn’t mean that the fuck scene is any less glorious. Sit back and feast your eyes on this fresh one right here and rest assured that you can see some very kinky things go down in this one. So let’s get this started without due.


The three studs that you get to see here were also watching a match on the tv. They decided to make a bet, and this guy that’s also a freshman, lost admirably. Well you might say that the downside was that he’d have to put up his ass for a good fucking today, but that’s not true as this guy is quite the man slut that’s always eager to get his butt stretched. So take your time with this one as you get to see him bend over a beanie bag this afternoon in the living room, and the other two take turns to anally fuck him hard style for the whole afternoon. It’s one of those shows that you just have to see for yourselves, so enjoy it and we’ll be seeing you again next week with more!

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